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We often consult financial advisors and chartered accountants to commence planning for our next coming financial year. There are many important topics related to life that form a cloud in our minds as soon as we start thinking about the next year. How to manage regular monthly expenses like school fees, rent, installments, day to day needs, miscellaneous bills and what not? No financial advisor may study life as deeply as an astrologer can do. Life is uncertain and so are the events related to it. But astrology introduces an element of certainty to life with its capability to see what may happen next!

A year consists of 365 days and each day is different and unique in itself. There are days bringing immense joy to you which we always wish to cherish and at the same time some days are the most difficult to pass through which we never wish to remember. This is life. Now, how wonderful and relaxed you will feel if someone gives you detailed information for the year to come in advance!!! It sounds like a boon as awareness is the key to happiness and success. 

Astrology may keep you updated with what will happen next through its divine capability of predicting future. Astrology is an ancient wisdom which our scholars used to make use of, for predicting major events effecting nations and world as a whole. Now, using the same principles preserved in a recorded form in our ancient astrological texts, our modern astrologers strike to make accurate predictions using same old wisdom. But certainly involvement of technically advanced astrology software can’t be ignored.      

Yearly Horoscope Predictions is a great way to know about your coming year in advance and gain better control on otherwise unruly situations in life.

What is Yearly Horoscope?

Life doesn’t remain the same and sails through high and low tides of time. Every year is different bringing different results to us. There always remains a curiosity as how our next year will be? What the next year will bring to us? What important events will occur the next year? How many promises and aspirations will be fulfilled in the next year? How prosperous it will prove for us?   These and many similar questions can be answered through Horoscope predictions for 2022

One may make out what the coming year holds for him/her. Stars are constantly moving in the sky and affect us with their movements through different signs of the zodiac. They bring something unique and new in our lives every time they change their positions in the sky. Astrology involves studying these planetary movements deeply to prepare horoscope predictions for yearly events for all 12 signs of the zodiac. These yearly predictions include information about all occurrences and happenings in the coming year. 

Know about your lucky and most prosperous period also about the stressed days when you need to take extra care. Horoscope for every year is different than the previous one based on your zodiac sign. Yearly horoscope helps you to deal smartly with the high and low phases of the year as you have an idea why something is happening and how it can be tackled with.  You are well versed with the astrological remedies as given by your yearly horoscope so that you may take precautionary measures to avoid negative phases at the same time make best of the opportunities coming your way. 

How the yearly horoscope is calculated?

Calculating your precise yearly horoscope is not an easy task. It requires great amount of patience and astrological analysis on the part of a learned astrologer. An effective prediction involves lot of intricate calculations and analysis of different types of astrological charts or divisional charts. A year has 12 months and in every 1-2 months almost all planets except Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu change their places. An astrologer has to take transits of all these planets into account while deciding upon the good and bad times in the coming year for you.

Devguru Jupiter– When it comes to yearly horoscope by moon sign, Jupiter primarily comes into picture. Jupiter transits into a zodiac sign for almost a year and thus changes sign every year. Now, depending upon its placement in a particular house and sign in your birth chart, the native receives auspicious or inauspicious results. There have been certain places as specified in Vedic astrology which when transited by the Jupiter from the moon sign in a birth chart gives good results. Like if Jupiter transits from the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th or 9th house from your moon sign you tend to get good results. 

But the results may vary depending upon the sign it is transiting in as it may be its inimical or debilitation sign where it doesn’t give it full auspicious results. Apart from this the best astrologer like Vinay Bajrangi ji also checks the position of the planets in ashtakvarga to accurately determine the good and bad results of the planets. Not just this but a yearly kundli called varshfal is alos analyzed to make out how a particular year will prove for the native. Expert astrologers also make use of muntha and its placement in varsh kundali to know about the fruitful results in the coming year. Thus, an authentic and accurate yearly horoscope at www.vinaybajrangi.com surely provides you with most important guidelines to plan a successful and prosperous year.

Why yearly horoscope is your precious asset?

  • Who doesn’t love a new beginning? But it also comes with its share of uncertainties and fear of failure. One may overcome this negative feeling with Horoscope 2022 predictions whereby you get assured information about the events likely to happen in the year 2022. When you are aware of what month will prove lucky for you and which is less fortunate you may take important decisions in the preferred months to gain success in your endeavors. Well informed mind always remain ahead of others and can make best out of the available possibilities proving less favorable to the competitors.
  • Buying and selling a property is a big decision and is not taken every now and then. But there are certain years in which you particularly get engaged in dealing in real estate matters. Whether the year is fruitful for any kind of property deals can be successfully known through your yearly horoscope for finance. It may clearly indicate which month in a year is suitable for gains through property and whether the yearly transits are creating astrological yoga for sale and purchase of property. Until and unless there is yoga for change in location or acquiring or losing a property, no person may carry out any activity related to property.
  • You as a student or parent wish to go or send your kid abroad for studies or otherwise? Know it accurately with yearly horoscope by moon sign as it may predict the possibility and time period for going abroad after analyzing any existing foreign yoga in the birth chart. For any event to occur it is mandatory that the event is promised in our birth chart and then any supportive dasha along with supportive transits result in fulfillment of that promise or event.
  • Whether you will get the desired job this year? What are the chances of promotion or salary hikes? Will you be recognized for your hard work and efforts at work? Would you have good relations with co-workers and seniors? Know accurately and easily through your yearly horoscope for career. Get all answers related to your any work related query and stay relaxed as you already know what will happen next! It is important to mention that any kind of adverse situations may be handled efficiently removing bad results through astrological remedies prescribed in your yearly career horoscope.
  • The status of your health and any major ailments can be known in advance through yearly horoscope for health which warns you against malefic transits and yogas going to activate within the span of that year. You may always take care of your health and follow the remedies as prescribed to avoid any kind of major health problems.
  • Your yearly horoscope for business may perfectly tell you about the important time periods when you may expect windfall gains in business. At the same time it also gives detailed view of the months in a year when you are required to keep a low profile in business. It also suggests whether you should go for partnership or not or whether it is profitable to work in or outside a particular state or country. This is a real boon for a business man aspiring to succeed.  
  • Waiting for wedding bells to ring for you? Your yearly horoscope may tell you whether you will tie knot with your soul mate this year or not. You may check your yearly horoscope to look for positive transits getting you married this year.
  • Family planning and possibility child birth can also be known through yearly horoscope for a couple. 

Make your new year, happy in real terms with yearly horoscope

We all wish “HAPPY NEW YEAR” to our loved ones as soon as we step into a new year. But in order to make it a real happy year, one should get his/her yearly horoscope from www.vinaybajrangi.com. You may take reference from your yearly horoscope anytime around the year to make tremendous gains in any situation. You know when to step back and when to come forward to make best of the present circumstances. It serves as an ultimate guide to your careful actions attracting luck, wealth and prosperity in your life.